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Simone Monney
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new Inspiration Canvas 50x50cm Translucency ( plexiglas) Free spirit (Plexiglas) Free spirit (canvas) Nature (plexiglas) Lyrical abstraction Joy of colors Indian Ink/Acrylic Cosmos
stay pink 2
exotic life
stay pink
Saint Tropez
red mask
blue dancers
blue bird
Japanese dancers
summer sky
windy sky
sea life
lavender feeling
blue lightspots
Serenity 2
silhouettes mystérieuses
spring feeling
ethnical dance
ethnical dance
ethnical dance
Snowy Sundown
tropical forest
happyness in the green
happyness in the green
red dragon
the heart of the ocean
Happy Valentine's
I love Paris
Carnaval de rio
I love Paris 2
Automne leafs
Rose garden
Colors explosion
when Andy meets coke
Aero Jeans
it's a dog's life
Fun in Ibiza
follow the wind
listen to the sound
Salt flowers
love is in the air
blue emotions
magic in the air 2
magic in the air
deep in my dreams
exotic garden
Pink Floyd
fancy birds

Simone Monney - +41 (0)79 227 32 30

Simone Monney
+41 (0)79 227 32 30