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Simone Monney
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new Inspiration Canvas 50x50cm Translucency ( plexiglas) Free spirit (Plexiglas) Free spirit (canvas) Nature (plexiglas) Lyrical abstraction Joy of colors Indian Ink/Acrylic Cosmos
Après ski 1
happy cow
fly away on my saphir
work out buddy
happy hour
Keep calm
Do not touch my Fiat
Miami Vice Club
my converse
NY street vue
no smoking
catch me up
let's take a sunbath
no turn round
net exit
Miami Vice
Miami Beach Club
psychedelic emotions
we will rock you
let's go out honey
born to be wild
born to be killed
Surf the waves
keep calm it's almost Friday
come in
time management
kiss my lips honey
stirred but not shaked
glamour and suites
mind the gap
falling in love
be you
god save the time

Simone Monney - +41 (0)79 227 32 30

Simone Monney
+41 (0)79 227 32 30