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Simone Monney
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Inspiration Canvas 50x50cm Translucency ( plexiglas) Free spirit (Plexiglas) Free spirit (canvas) Nature (plexiglas) Lyrical abstraction Joy of colors Indian Ink/Acrylic Cosmos
happy feeling
first love
flying ornaments
flying ornaments 2
4 elements
Duo in blue
euphorical music
fire dance
Awaikening in the morning
Simplicity 1
red mood
Take me out honey
esprit provencal
panier de fruits
blue birds
légèreté provencale
légèreté provencale 2
icy feeling
Provence 1
Provence 2
Provence 3
take it easy
keep quiet
keep quiet 2
a hug for the day

Simone Monney - +41 (0)79 227 32 30

Simone Monney
+41 (0)79 227 32 30