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Simone Monney
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new Inspiration Canvas 50x50cm Translucency ( plexiglas) Free spirit (Plexiglas) Free spirit (canvas) Nature (plexiglas) Lyrical abstraction Joy of colors Indian Ink/Acrylic Cosmos
hot love
fun city
Botanical garden
Aquarium 2
exotic mood 2
exotic mood
jardin provencal
blue pastel
Cold spring
Ink in blue
Dabbling Waterdrops
Blue lagon
dynamaic in rounds
Golden moon in blue
Ice flower
Blue pastel 2
show in the garden
under the bridge
japanese garden
japanese garden
reflecting shadows
apple treas
Chinese new Year
dead wood on the river
winter on the lake
after the rain
In the wind
be my valentine 1
be my valentine 2
be my valentine 3
Tango me 1
Lightness 5
Lightness 4
Lightness 3
Lightness 2
Lightness 1
Flamenco dance 1
Flamenco dance 2
Flamenco dance 3
Flamenco dance 4
Pas de deux harpistique 1
Pas de deux harpistique 2
Pas de deux harpistique 3
Fly away 1
Fly away 2
Flay away 3

Simone Monney - +41 (0)79 227 32 30

Simone Monney
+41 (0)79 227 32 30