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Simone Monney
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new Inspiration toiles 50x50cm Translucidité (plexiglas) Eclats de Liberté (plexiglas) Eclats de liberté (toiles) Nature (plexiglas) abstraction lyrique Joie des couleurs Encres de Chine /Acrylique Cosmos
happy cab
Save the Queen
Art Mini
Cok-verse 1
Cok-verse 2
Cokeverse 3
tomatoe and chili
Dinner with Andy
on sale
Andy's vegetable soup
mini in town
happiness soup
Ricola rapsody
ski with me
fly away on my sephir
imagine all the people
Steve in town
going out with MM
A smile per day
Coke me up
I love the way you lie
feeling good
love is in the air
Speedy in NY
Paris in love
yellow cab
Welcome to the Jungle
Surfin' NY
get out  once a while
Mickey in town
Bruce in the rain

Simone Monney - +41 (0)79 227 32 30

Simone Monney
+41 (0)79 227 32 30